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5 New Trends in Digital Marketing You Might Have Overlooked

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Digital marketing is so dynamic that today’s marketing trend may not still rule tomorrow; if you want to remain at the top in the market, you must adapt to changes rapidly. During this pandemic, trends that were once overlooked like influencer marketing and Facebook marketing have made it to the list; however, it’s difficult to predict. No method will work on a buyer forever, so it is crucial to strategize smartly and often. Discussed below are five marketing trends followed by every best digital marketing agency that you could also use to boost your business. 


Chatbots are a great communication channel. Studies indicate that more than half the websites make use of chatbots because of their user experience. This artificial intelligence-based technology can be used in place of ‘contact us’ forms since they can attend to queries day or night. Moreover, these virtual assistants don’t mind monotonous tasks and show a lot of patience! Chatbots allow marketers to reach out to their target audience on most social media platforms as they are integrated with WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and more.

Video as Default Medium

Almost one billion hours of worth of videos are watched on YouTube daily. We humans barely have the patience to read through a whole paragraph, which is why Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, etc. are transitioning into video-first platforms. Moreover, creating engaging videos will always have the edge over boring write-ups. 


We are in the era of personalization. The best way to get through these tough times is by personalizing your emails, products, content, and many more. Take, for example, Netflix and Amazon Prime, the platforms that have started using recommendation engines to study the preference and taste patterns of different users. This is very useful in boosting conversions. If you have still been following a unified marketing campaign or strategy for all your customers, it’s time to change. The key is to understand unique buyer personas and customer segments.

Conversational Marketing

Customers expect you to reach out directly to them and give a quick response too. This one-to-one service enables real communication between the marketer and the buyer. The primary goal is to enhance customer satisfaction and user experience by providing a useful feedback model that enables higher engagement. Conversational marketing permits one-on-one communication between businesses and their customers.

Email Marketing

Once upon a time, this was the only way to market to win customers. So, it’s not a new marketing tool. As times changed, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms took over the golden email. Fortunately, it has not entirely gone out of fashion and made a comeback this COVID season. Once again, the demand for newsletters regarding different content from email is back. Email marketing has been around for over a decade and will continue to be in trend in the years to come.

These are the five most important trends you can’t miss as digital marketing is a business and one must come up with new techniques to ensure a smooth run. As a new business owner, if you don’t tend to understand this, it’s always better to hire a reputed digital marketing agency in Mumbai, Bangalore, or anywhere else.

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