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DesignCap Infographic Maker – An effective Tool to Illustrate Data

DesignCap, Infographic Maker, create infographics, create maps, create diagrams

DesignCap Infographic Maker

Today I’ll introduce you to the DesignCap infographic maker, an online application that allows you to create high-quality graphic designs. As DesignCap is very simple to use, those who have already had the opportunity to work in it will master this new tool at three to four.

What is DesignCap?

DesignCap infographic maker is used to create maps, diagrams, infographics…In two words: everything you could need to develop responsive visual support for your data!

Besides, DesignCap offers resources and editing tools to create YouTube banners, Facebook cover, business cards, reports, invitation cards, presentations, Instagram posts, Twitter heads, Pinterest posts, etc.   

Features I favor

DesignCap infographic maker is dedicated to the presentation of data. Creativity is found in the stages of creation and personalization of content. It gives users several options to add different charts such as line, table, map, column, bar, pie, etc. And it’s flexible to customize each chart to your liking. What’s more, it is possible to retrieve data directly from files of .xls, .xlsx, and .csv. You can also type Data manually according to your needs.

What are the advantages?

DesignCap, Infographic Maker, create infographics, create maps, create diagramsThe first big advantage of DesignCap is its friendly website: there are a lot of resources to help new users get to know the tool: Template section, FAQ, or feedback. The site also has a Learn section on which it gives other tips and examples of possible achievements!

Regarding the infographic maker page, it proposes to create an infographic, a diagram or a map (but we can mix the different elements in a single file) or to focus on importing the data to put in our visuals.

With the robust functionality, all the fields of our creation are customizable, from colors to textual content. Clicking on an element of our design, you can access the options for duplication, deletion, visual adjustment while double-clicking allows you to edit the data in a table similar to that of an excel sheet.

Take care: each of the elements has its particularities, and it is up to you to test them to see which ones you need. For example, some graphics allow adding image filters, while others can be purely changed with color options. To make it clear, DesignCap has made a video to help you find your way around this. You can check it here:

In addition to the elements used to translate the data visually, it is also possible to use the millions of stock images and icons available online (or to upload from your local computer), to continue making your file more fun and unique.

Besides, DesignCap provides a vast number of stunning templates for different topics for both business use and personal use. It offers other art resources like background patterns, modules, shapes, etc.   

After your design is completed, you can share it on social networks, insert it into your site or download it to your computer.


DesignCap allows you to efficiently and playfully process your data to make it more attractive to your users. Both the free version and paid versions are available. You can go to this page to discover the different types of packages offered.

I hope that this article has been able to make you discover things or clarify some aspects of this instrument. Don’t hesitate to give us your idea and leave comments below!

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