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Download MovieBox 3.2 With iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Support Without Jailbreak

moviebox 3.2 download page password

MovieBox – a popular movie and TV show streaming / downloading app for iPhone and iPad – has upgraded to support the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. We show you how to download MovieBox 3.2 without jailbreak after the jump!

moviebox 3.2 download page password

UPDATE: MovieBox 3.2 stopped working through this method. There is now a verified confirmed-to-be-working way to download MovieBox on iOS 8.2 without jailbreak since MovieBox stopped working on iOS 8.1.2 and 8.1.3.

The set of articles on MovieBox are the most popular blog posts here on CupertinoTimes, so we are extra vigilant when it comes to any news and updates regarding it. We have previously covered how to download MovieBox without jailbreak on iOS 8.1.1, as well as iOS 8.1.

In this post, we will be discussed the latest version of MovieBox – MovieBox 3.2. It works on all versions of iOS 8, from 8.0 to the latest 8.1.1 and 8.1.2. Here’s what is new:

  • Support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Previously, MovieBox would feel ‘stretched’ on the larger displays of the newer iPhones. That is not the case with MovieBox 3.2
  • Updated look for movie details section, and for TV shows list
  • New ‘My’ section in the Updates tab
  • The ability to be shown only your favorite TV shows
  • Fix for Arabic subtitles
  • Miscellaneous bugfixes

All in all, MovieBox 3.2 is a considerable upgrade over the previous version, especially for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus owners.

moviebox main menu

In order to download MovieBox 3.2, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Safari on your iOS 8 device
  2. Go to
  3. Enter the password ‘moviebox’
  4. Click on the ‘Install App’ button.
  5. iOS will confirm if you want to go ahead with the download. Confirm it so.

Check your home screen now. MovieBox will have begun downloading.

It is important to note that this does not work for everyone. We have tested this on an iPhone 4S as well as 5S running on iOS 8.1.2, but we have seen reports of it not working on other iOS devices running different or even the same version of iOS. There is some inexplicable reason behind it, and so we apologize if it doesn’t work for you.

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  1. Does it have something to do with a security certificate? I noticed on the ones it doesn’t work I saw “cancel” or “install” and on the one it worked it was “trusted” or some such…

    1. I would love to find this out as well. I can not download the new app and I get asked the Cancel or Install questions. I click on install and nothing happens. I never see a trusted question.

  2. I can’t re-download MovieBox. I have an iPhone 6plus and iOS 8.1.2 software…. Please help. I tried link after link.

    Also, I can’t seem to get it to stream to my Apple TV anymore. I have the chromecast as well if that would work better but I don’t know how to stream it to chromecast

    Please help

        1. If you are interested in watching M@VlES on your iOS device or Apple TV then check this out, if not then no need to read any further. Also, a jailbreak is not required, so pretty much any device can do this. I just finished watching the M@VlE “Chappie” from my iPhone 6 using airplay and streamed the M@VlE to my Apple TV from
          “I M @ V I E S A P P. C @ M”. (Replace all @ for O and remove the spaces in between the letters.) I really like this so far and figure I would share this with you good people. This seems to be the best alternative and most reliable.

    1. I had this problem. I restored my phone to factory settings and then restored from backup. So back up device first. Then when I tried the download again it went super fast and installed quickly without problems. Don’t know if this will work but it did work for me.

  3. Is there a way to delete previous “trusted” downloads? It appears this is stopping the downloads for everyone that can’t get it to redownload.

  4. Okay so moviebox won’t open and I tired to download it again but there seems to be an issue it says “can not be downloaded at this time”. help!!?

    1. I just tried downloading it as well and just noticed that in bold red letters is says “Not working for non-jailbroken devices, wait for the update”

  5. I had the iPhone 5s and with IOS 8.1.2. It worked for a few days then stopped. I deleted it and now it won’t re-load. I went out and bought a new iPhone 6+ And still can’t get it to down load.


  6. Help……I lost movie box after watching American Sniper… Funny so did my uncle 3 days ago… Trying to get it back but No luck,, Ipad 8.1.2.

  7. I can’t down load movie box on my I pad ever science they up dated my I pad please help me I am disabled and thease movies are a big help on days I hurt so bad and can’t get around so well please fix my movie box

  8. Can’t download movie box peeps I’ve tried all the links but no joy, anymore option anyone.


  9. Has there been any updates so I can download movie box to my iPhone 6 ios 8.1.2 that’s not jail broken?

  10. moviebox is not working on my phone and im just wondering what is the best website to use coz i updated my phone


  12. Are there any ways to download it on iOS 8.1.3? Can’t install any apps that aren’t in the App Store 🙁

  13. I had MovieBox and when I wanted to download it again it wouldn’t let me so I downloaded PlayBoxHD and it still won’t download because I have the iOS 8.1.3 update…is there an alternative to this issue

  14. I have the iphone 6s plus ios 9.3.2, will moviebox work because I’ve tried installing the app but it’s not letting it, please help.

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