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How to Resolve McAfee Won’t Scan Unexpected Error?

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McAfee is a well-known antivirus which is globally famous for providing excellent protection to your device. It offers various features for securing your device from all types of threats. Make sure you are using for providing the best security to your system. It provides powerful scans for malware detection and removal. But some people face errors while scanning the device and getting “An error has occurred: Unexpected Problem”

This error usually occurs due to missing program files or corrupted Windows files. You may get some other errors with this error such as:

  • Your current working window will crash and an unexpected error message will be displayed on your screen.
  • You will get the same error every time you open any program
  • Your device will start working slowly
  • You may have to face regular freezes

What are the causes of Won’t Scan error?

One of the main cause of this error is outdated Windows components which are related to Microsoft XML Core Services (MSXML). MSXML is a type of service which allows applications which are written in VBScript, JScript, and Microsoft development tools.

How to fix won’t scan error?

Solution 1: Update your Windows

  1. Click on the Start button
  2. Go to the search bar
  3. Type Windows update
  4. Hit the Enter button
  5. Click on Check for updates
  6. If you see any new update, then click on the update button
  7. Follow all the on-screen commands for updating the Windows and ensure that you are working on the new Microsoft Service Pack and software updates like Microsoft XML Core Services and .net framework.
  8. Once the update is complete, restart your device
  9. Try to scan your device

If you are still not able to scan then try solution 2.

Solution 2:

  1. Repair register entries
  2. Go to the start menu
  3. Open search bar
  4. Type command and don’t press enter yet
  5. Now press ctrl and shift key simultaneously and now press enter button
  6. You will get a permission dialog box
  7. Hit on the yes button
  8. You will get a black box with a blinking cursor
  9. Type regedit
  10. Press Enter button
  11. You will get a registry editor
  12. Go to the file menu
  13. Click on Export
  14. From the Save In button, choose the place where you want to save the file
  15. Go to the export range
  16. Choose Selected branch
  17. Hit the save button
  18. The file will be saved in .reg file extension
  19. Now you have the backup of the error file; you have to edit the registry. But editing the registry file is not an easy task. If you are not from the technical background then you should not try to edit the registry files yourself; doing this can get you into other issues. If you edit the registry files wrongly; this can damage your device. So, it’s better to ask for technical support for this job.

Keep your device junk-free. Excessive junk such as temporary files, browser cookies or history can also get you into this type of error. You should quickly fix your McAfee related errors because any type of queries in your antivirus can be very harmful to your device. You should always keep your antivirus and other software updated for better functionality.

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