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More About Branded Content and Why You Should Consider It For Your Company

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Branded Content

Branded content is basically content which doesn’t entail conventional advertising. It can involve videos, articles, podcasts, or even live elements to bring applicable value to a consumer. It is not the advertising tools that people think of (banner ads, commercials, social media ads, etc.). The idea is to grab the attention of consumers today and drive real engagement using this content. Branded content can teach people or entertain them, leading to better brand engagement returns compared to conventional pre-roll content.

A good example of a successful branded content campaign

Dove generated a selection of videos featuring an FBI sketch artist. He drew a bunch of women who described themselves. Afterward, he drew portraits of those same women, except this time he drew them while a stranger describes them. The variance between the sketches was remarkable. After the campaign went viral, more than 50 million people watch these videos during the initial twelve days of release. Until this date, Dove received nearly 180 million views – views that were targeted and intentional. The real beauty campaign from Dove has been the most-watched example of branded content in the year of 2013. It was the third most shared video as well. A thought-provoking fact: about eighty-six percent of TV viewers don’t watch TV ads. While TV still plays an essential role for advertisers that wants to reach new customers, this method is not as effective as it used to be. Companies must try new strategies if they want to attain their viewers ‘attention. If you’re looking for a video production company that is the best in Melbourne, you can visit this page.

Why is branded content often more effective than conventional advertising?

Everywhere you look, you’ll see ads, in Facebook feeds, on e-readers, and in streaming accounts. You’ll also notice billboards, banner ads, and email marketing on a daily basis. Just try to think about how many ads you choose to skip on YouTube. However, you might have searched for Dove’s real beauty sketches on YouTube or listened to a podcast such as GE’s The Message. You might have shared branded content in social media just like numerous viewers out there. While branded content looks like it is a modern trend, it is a method that works. When consumers watch branded content, their brand recollection is much higher than the case is with display advertisements. Viewers will also be more likely to look for additional content of the same brand. That is why branded content is an excellent return on investment. It obtains more attention and generates brand recognition. It is a more favorable type of content for consumers because they believe it to be more consumer-focused. Because the message is different from a sales pitch, it is building trust between consumers and the brand. With conventional advertising, you will not get the same result.

How can you benefit through branded content?

Branded content is not going anywhere, and it will continue to grow more popular. If you have not used branded content for your business yet, it is not too late to take the leap. Branded content is an authentic and real method to connect with your customers and subsequently see a boost in sales.

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