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Purchase Guard Review- A Unique Dispute Resolution Service           

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Online Shopping

Online shopping is everyone’s best friend these days. It is easy, fast, and convenient. However, there are times when you shop from an online merchant but end up unsatisfied. Sometimes you end up regretting the decision and wishing you went to the store instead. So, what are some of the common issues between online merchants and customers?

  • Late deliveries – It can be frustrating when you urgently need something, but the delivery is done late. Maybe the agreement was that the item would get to you within 2 to 3 business days, only for it to take a whole week.
  • Getting the wrong item – You have probably experienced this severally whereby the item you order is not what you actually receive. Maybe it looked better on the merchant’s website but different when brought to you. Your expectations get crashed.
  • Scammers – It has been months, you paid for the items before delivery, and up to date, you have never received your package. 

It is your right as a customer to get what you deserve and what you have paid for. Luckily for you, a new service called Purchase Guard comes in to improve your online shopping experience and guard your shopping transactions. Here is a Purchase Guard review to help you understand better how it works and how you can benefit from it.    

What Is Purchase Guard? is a platform designed to offer dispute resolution service by helping customers and merchants resolve disputes online efficiently, quickly, and hassle-free. The process is quite simple and straightforward, and in the end, PG’s main and only goal is to make both the buyers and sellers reach an agreement.   

How Does Purchase Guard Work?

It is quite easy, actually. Through Purchase Guard, that’s doing all the hard work for them; online shoppers can resolve their issues and reach an agreement with the merchant in a fair and transparent manner, to the satisfaction of both parties. To do this; 

  • The shopper is required to register and create a new Purchase Guard account. In the registration process, the buyer should provide the online seller’s details.
  • The buyer indicates the item bought that s/he has issues with
  • Next, the shopper will explain the complaint. It could either be failed delivery, late delivery, getting the wrong item, etc. S/he will then present the relevant supporting documents. Those are important since they can serve as a kind of evidence to the shopper’s complaint.
  • Purchase Guard’s representatives will then contact the merchant, listen to their story concerning your issue, in order to understand better what happened. They will negotiate with the seller to try and come up with an alternative or solution (as quickly as possible). The buyer will be contacted and get informed of the final resolution that the online merchant and Purchase Guard came up with.
  • If the buyer is not satisfied with the suggested resolution, the representatives will have a further discussion with the merchant until the buyer is contented.
  • Once the buyer agrees with the decision, the case is closed. In most cases, the resolution could either be a replacement or a refund, depending on the specific issue.  

Why Use Purchase Guard?

There are several benefits of using Purchase Guard’s service rather than complaining directly to the merchant, which include;

They are experienced – Purchase Guard’s representatives deal with many issues every day. This has helped them gain the necessary skills and experience on how to deal with such cases and know the best approach to follow. Their goal is to ensure that the resolution offered will consider both the buyer and seller, and agreed by both sides.

It takes the stress off your shoulder – You do not have to go the hassle of dealing with the merchant, but instead, you can focus on other things and let the representative do everything for you.

The service is free – Super exciting, right? You will get the service free, provided you make your purchase from a Purchase-Guard powered merchant.    

From this review, it is clear to see that this is the best solution for anyone looking to have a better online shopping experience.      

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