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Reliable Apps Every Parent Should Have In Their Phone

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With the continuous rise of technology, we are constantly facing, we are becoming more and more concerned with its effects on us. With the ease of access to the internet through phones and tablets, kids and young adults are subjected to information they shouldn’t be according to their age. Thus, reliable and safe apps have been introduced for parents who choose to give their children phones or tablets. Most of those parents want to give their children some privacy and independence while teaching them trust and the importance of abiding by the rules. If you are one of those parents, this list of applications is a must-have on parent phone and will help you with your parenting goals.

  •  Spy Apps

There are many different spy applications in the market. Some are of absolutely no use, and others are great. A comparison at The Tool Report shows the best applications for iPhones or Android. It provides you with all the information you need to choose the right app for you and your needs. Spy apps are hidden so your child wouldn’t notice your access. They cost a yearly fee that allows you to access the target phone messages, social media, website history, and location. Some will grant access to all applications, while others won’t. Nevertheless, they are reliable and beneficial in helping you raise a better adult. Obviously, it is better to use these apps to build a trust relationship with your children and try working on their flaws and not to collect data you will use to confront them with negatively.

  • Built-in Apps

On iOS and Android, there are built-in apps that allow you to track the phone’s location easily. Another built-in app that can help you monitor and teach your child how long to use phones and tablets allows parents to manage their child’s usage remotely, adjusting daily limits on time spent on a specific app or the phone itself. These built-in apps have greater control over their software and hardware than any other apps. 

  • Youtube Kids

Youtube is enjoyable for everyone, no matter what age or interest the user has. It is such a huge informative and entertaining platform for everyone. Of course, you as a parent won’t always feel that it is safe for your children, especially toddlers and younger ones. That is why Youtube created Youtube Kids, which is a whitelisted version filled with kid-friendly content, blocking all ads and links. They also provide parents with multi parental control presets that best suit the family needs like creating custom kid profiles, blocking video channels, keeping watch history, setting kids’ screen time, and much more.

  • Driving Apps

App developers didn’t stop at creating apps to monitor technology usage only. They have found innovative ways to take technology one step further in favor of helping parents by creating apps to monitor in-car driving alerts. Imagine how helpful and reliable it is for a parent to be able to monitor their teenager while driving? These apps and OBD connected car experience are designed to keep your children safe by sending you notifications in real-time in case of exceeding speed limits or hard braking, as well as the added features of driving location and parking time and place.

  • Respond or Freeze

What if your children are not answering or rejecting your calls or text messages. Taking away their phones will take away their opportunity to call when in an emergency or dial 911. Well, look for apps where you can remotely freeze their phones and sound a loud alarm, which will force your child to call you back. 

  • Hide-Me Apps

These apps are something every parent should look out for, and some have been listed as dangerous by police departments in different states. These apps help your children hide their activities, which can endanger your child in many ways, as well as encourage Cyberbullying. 

A few of these apps, although used by you as a parent, can cause problems for your child, like chatting and sharing photos, while other apps connect users with strangers around their neighborhood, providing video chats and photo-sharing features.

Some are camouflaged under other names like ‘calculator,’ where they are able to hide photos, videos, and text. And some are can bypass traditional messaging features and can have unlimited access to anyone and anywhere.

Teaching your children about Cyberbullying and social media safety is a must. In addition, setting clear phone usage rules will help them use technology in the best way possible. Keeping an eye on their behavior is a must. However, showing them trust and love will help them believe and trust your rules and enhance the relationship you have.

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