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The Case of the Missing Website

Many successful local businesses want to expand and reach more people as they offer more services for their clients. Some businesses create beautiful websites to attract more customers but find existing customers visiting and transacting through the site. The lack of new visitors is partly because they were the only ones aware of the site and mainly because it’s missing from Google’s Search Engine Results Pages.

People type in keywords when searching things online like how New Jersey residents search for the best donuts in the area by typing “donuts near me,” or “tasty NJ donuts” and other similar keywords.  Because the website doesn’t take advantage of keywords, their site wasn’t visible in the first 20 pages of the search results pages, and most people don’t go that far when looking for something. Most people on websites from the first page and rarely go much farther than that.

A website that isn’t found in the first few pages is as good as missing and isn’t helpful for a business. SEO or search engine optimization can help place a site on the first pages and improve their online visibility, allowing people to discover it and let companies increase their sales. Google only places a site on the first pages if it is relevant to what people are looking for, and SEO is useful for this.

Because many entrepreneurs don’t have the time and resources to study SEO and implement it themselves, it’s recommended to look for a New Jersey SEO company to entrust the digital marketing campaign.

Search engine optimization campaigns take time to accomplish and produce results. Monthly updates will show the website’s progress as it moves from being invisible to page 1.

To know how a website won’t go missing, see this infographic by Landau Consulting for more information.


The Case of the Missing Website




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