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Understanding The User Experience Design Process 

Understanding The User Experience, Understanding The Design Process, user experience design, converting your customers, Improving the usability

A staggering 88% of the people are unlikely to revisit your site after a bad experience. It shall give you a clear idea about the importance of user experience. Everything about your application or website plays a crucial role in converting your customers. The home page design, interface, feature buttons, security, navigability, and many such factors are vital in gaining customer trust. In simple words, user experience is nothing but how the visitors see your product and what it offers to them.

Further, user experience design (UXD or UED) refers to the process of improving user satisfaction with the product. The satisfaction can arise from better usability, accessibility, and joy received from the interaction with the product. If your website fails to meet the expectations of your customer, then a significant 64% of them will do the shopping from another site. Therefore, you must provide your users with the best user experience lest you want to lose your business.

The user experience design facilitates the delivery of user-friendly products. Below is the brief breakdown of the UXD process.

  • Understand: Before you begin with the design, you need to make your developers learn about the requirements. First, you need to study your users by meeting, talking, and observing them in their environment. You can also speak to your clients and have a brainstorming meeting with your team to determine your requirements.
  • Research: Research is the foundation of designing the user experience. You will have to understand market competition, educate yourself about your domain, and you can also seek ideas or inspirations from your competitors. Also, keep a watch on the latest user interface technologies, design principles, and your current guidelines for user experience.
  • Sketch: Sketching refers to the UI definition of the required feature. Your design team completes the process by drawing paper sketches, whiteboard flows, and wireframes. Next, come the testing and assessment of wireframes. You need to keep it in mind that your end goal is to provide a practical design to obtain end-user satisfaction.
  • Design: By now, you will have a final layout and flow of the interface, and you will need to work on the graphics. You need to turn the initial mock-ups and wireframes into appealing images having the right theme and style. You might also want to prepare and share the details about design to the development team.
  • Implement: Technical engineers who are part of the design process from the beginning can start with the implementation while the design is in progress. Your development team will create back-end functionality and then connect it with UI after receiving the design artifacts. Finally, you will have a ready back-end functionality and front interface.
  • Evaluate: Once the product feature gets implemented, you can evaluate the product on various factors. You must see if the system is usable? Is it flexible? Does it offer adequate usability to end-users? Does it provide a solution for your user’s problems? And evaluate on such similar factors to make the improvements as needed.

To finish off

That was the breakdown of the UXD process. It sure must give you an idea of how UXD can help you deliver better performing websites. A high 94% of the first impressions are merely design related. So, ensure that you provide an appealing product not just in terms of looks but in the functioning too.

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