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Want to Obtain Success In Social Media Marketing? Read This First

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Big brands or startups, the audience expects a social media presence from all the organizations. While marketing on social media is free, there’s a lot of tactics involved to garner success.

In today’s gen when brands are acing the SMM game, a mere presence on social media platforms is certainly not enough.

Whether you are a beginner or have been around for years now, you could use some success-driven tips to improve your social media game. With so much competition chasing each other’s share of the pie, it might get overwhelming but with some exclusive knowledge, or with the help of Fortibus Marketing you will be able to obtain the desired edge.

So. let’s begin. Trust me, if you follow these few basics, you will be a lot ahead than you ever imagined.

Understand that every social media platform is different and needs to be treated accordingly

There are various social media platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, to name a few. Just for a matter of fact, let us take LinkedIn and Instagram. They both are social media platforms, but very different in terms of a user persona, content that goes viral and other aspects. You cannot have a one-size-fits-all approach to social media.

Lately, we have seen brands posting the same content across all social media platforms. Cross-promotion is definitely helpful but not when you are seeking solid leads.

A user on Instagram is likely to be also available on Facebook. Thus, for that particular user engaging with the same content on two platforms will be of no avail. Don’t your brand play with your brand voice but offer something unique to your target audience. Give them content that compels them to hit the follow button and be clear of the messages that you want to deliver. Study the tactics of big social media marketing agencies and create one solid plan for your marketing as well. Just remember that there are certain things you should avoid on every network, including buying followers and posting offensive content.

Consistency plays a key role in determining your social media success

You cannot just post a series of images on moonlight and expect to grow, capture leads, and make sales over social media platforms. That’s now how it works.

Look at it like this: You want your employee to work daily for them to get remunerated. Likewise, even social media platforms want you to work daily, for you to get your desired results.

Here again, every platform’s desired engagement levels are different. For example, Twitter might want you to tweet multiple times a day, while 1 post/day on LinkedIn might suffice. Remember, there is no hard and fast rule or a mantra for success on social media. Apply the golden trial and error rule to identify the best days and times for engagement.

For instance, on Instagram, the best days is anywhere between Tuesday to Friday while on LinkedIn, it’s Wednesday and Thursday.

Find out what’s trending and create content around it

With so many active users on every social media platform, there’s a new trend every day.

For example, on Twitter, a hashtag might be the talk of the town. While on Instagram, a new challenge, like flip the bottle challenge has taken over.

Irrespective of the platform, you must keep an eye on what’s trending and follow it closely in order to keep up with what others are talking about. You must also create some content around it to appear on the top of your user’s feeds. 

Video content is the new king!

We all know how videos are more powerful in convincing customers to buy your products. While we have been talking about social media for quite a while now, there’s a big piece still left to complete the puzzle: YouTube.

Video content came into existence since the birth of YouTube and boomed inexplicably since the rise of IGTV. Statistics are proof. In the last 3 years, video views have jumped up by 99% on YouTube. Not just that, Twitter is not far behind either. In fact, a tweet on Twitter is 6 times more likely to be retweeted if it had a video attachment.

Over to you

Now that we have reached the end, let me conclude this article with one last statement: Success on social media platforms, especially in terms of marketing, attracting leads, and making sales is a never-ending job. Keep up with it and you will be amazed by what passion has to offer you!

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