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What Types of Recipes for Instant Pot Cooker Are There?

Recipes for Instant Pot, Vegetarian Vegan Recipes, Carnivore Recipes, nutritious soups, traditional baking methods

Do you want to know what kind of recipes you can cook with an Instant Pot Cooker? There are dozens of recipes that you can do with your Instant Pot Cooker which include beef, chicken turkey, vegetables, gluten-free, desserts, beverages, lamb, vegan, vegetarian, pasta, rice, soups, noodles, bread, and many other delicious recipes. You can cook practically anything with your Instant Pot cooker.  

Here are some ideas and recipes for the Instant Pot cooker that you can try. Most ingredients are already in your refrigerator.

Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes

If you prefer to not eat meat at all, the Instant Pot Cooker is a great ally to make a variety of vegan and vegetarian recipes. You can make a hearty vegetable soup that is creamy and delicious. You can also try hummus which is also a great dish. If you are out of ideas, you can try out other recipes such as vegan tacos or enjoy crunchy french fries. Other recipes that you can make with an Instant Pot Cooker are steamed Dumplings, almond milk yogurt, red potatoes, falafel, eggplant caponata, and other delicious recipes. For more delicious vegan recipes, visit


There are tons of pasta recipes for your Instant Pot Cooker such as pasta with spinach pesto, meaty pasta casserole, mac and cheese made with ricotta, pasta chicken primavera, chicken alfredo, spaghetti bolognese, pasta and meatballs, and other pasta recipes. These recipes can be done quickly and easily with an Instant Pot Cooker. If you love Italian food, then choose a recipe and start cooking.


You can cook different types of egg recipes with your Instant Pot Cooker. Eggs are available in almost every home that is why several egg recipes will change the way you cook them. Some egg recipes that you can do are scrambled eggs, cheesy egg bake, scotch eggs, shakshuka, spinach frittata, omelets, hard-boiled eggs, egg curry, among other easy egg recipes. If you don’t have time then choose the simple egg recipes but if you do have extra time then try the elegant recipes. We are sure that you will be satisfied with the final result.


People who have a sweet tooth will enjoy an Instant Pot Cooker. You can make a variety of desserts such as cakes, cookies, pies, pudding, brownies, custards, compotes, syrup, bread, flan,  and other sweet recipes. You can cook practically any dessert with this appliance. Just make sure to find the full recipe and follow the instructions. You will be able to get rid of the craving for something sweet and you will be able to cook them in less time than traditional baking methods.


This is a common recipe that everyone loves. There are several soup recipes that you can choose from like vegetable soups, chicken soup, beef soup, minestrone, bean soup, ramen, lentil soup, herb soups, and other nutritious soups. They are done quickly with an Instant Pot Cooker. Take advantage of your Instant Pot Cooker and start preparing soup for everyone. Put all the ingredients in your Instant Pot Cooker and set it on the soup function or the amount of time you need it. Then leave it there until it is ready. You can do other things while your soup is being cooked. Finally, serve your family and enjoy a meal with lots of nutrients and vitamins.

Carnivore Recipes

Recipes for Instant Pot, Vegetarian Vegan Recipes, Carnivore Recipes, nutritious soups, traditional baking methods

If you are a fan of meat, poultry, and seafood, then you will find many recipes. Meat becomes tender with the Instant Pot Cooker. You will also feel that the flavor is more concentrated. Some of the recipes that you can cook are garlic chicken breasts, beef fajitas, caramelized pork, pork chops, buttered lobster tails, salmon teriyaki, lamb and mushroom stew, whole chicken, turkey in beer stew, among other recipes. These recipes will be a sensation in your home and you won’t have to spend so much time cooking with the pressure function of your Instant Pot Cooker.

Select the recipe of your preference and cook it faster with the Instant Pot Cooker. You will be able to make many delicious recipes faster and easier. Don’t be afraid of trying out something new. Follow the instructions of the recipe carefully and enjoy a delicious meal with your loved ones without spending so much time in the kitchen. Stop wasting time cooking and take advantage of all the functions of your Instant Pot Cooker.

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